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Triumph Part Number

Alpha-numeric converts to Numeric


Important information for pre 1973 machines - in 1973 Triumph introduced a numerical part numbering system which superseded the old alpha-numeric system. For these earlier models the following information will help to find the new number in our search engine.


Dxxxx converts to 60-xxxxD4250 to 60-4250

Exxxx converts to 70-xxxxE4576 to 70-4576

Exxxxx converts to 71-xxxxE12599 to 71-2599

Fxxxx converts to 82-xxxxF9356 to 82-9356

Fxxxxx converts to 83-xxxxF13245 to 83-3245

Hxxxx converts to 97-xxxxH2091 to 97-2091

Sxxxx converts to 21-xxxxS413 to 21-0413

Txxxx converts to 57-xxxxT1435 to 57-1435

Wxxxx converts to 37-xxxxW354 to 37-0354




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