60-4167 - Timken Ball Bearing

60-4167 - Timken Ball Bearing


Timken Ball Bearing

Fits Triumph; 3TA,T21,T90 350cc Unit twins Crankshaft D/S, 5TA,T100,TR5 500cc Unit twins Crankshaft D/S (ball race up to 1967), T120,TR6,6T 650cc Unit twins Crankshaft T/S (metric bearing 1972-), T140,TR7,TR7T Trail 750cc Unit twins Crankshaft T/S,

Fits Norton Dominator/Model 7 500/600/650cc Crankshaft T/S, Commando 750/850cc Crankshaft D/S & T/S bearing.
Genuine Timkin

OEM: 60-4167,01-7822,70-3835
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